Updated Resource Guide!

The Snohomish County Breastfeeding Resource Guide has been updated for 2016 and is available online!

Information for Parents/Families:

For best results, take a breastfeeding class, check out these online resources, see if you qualify for WIC, find a lactation consultant, and find out how to get a pump if you need one – all while you’re still pregnant. Additional resources are available - work with your IBCLC or WIC office to identify the appropriate resources for your needs.

Contact your health care provider or an IBCLC (lactation consultant) if you have any concerns or if… • You did not feel your milk come in by day 3 or 4. • Your baby is very sleepy and does not wake to feed. • You have breast and/or nipple pain. • Your breasts are uncomfortably full and do not feel softer after feedings. • Your baby has a fever or is too sleepy to feed. • You feel like you have the flu or if you are running a fever. • You are considering using formula because of problems with breastfeeding.

Links/Resources for Parents and Professionals:


 Professional Resources: